Saudi Arabia raises $10bn bank loans

Oil rich Saudi Arabia is raising a $10bn, five year loans, as it battles falling crude oil revenues and reserves. According to bankers close to the deal, the loan has a spread of 120bps over Libor.

The issuance was upsized from $6-8bn to $10bn on stronger investor demand.

The issuance provides the kingdom funds as it has burned about $150bn of foreign reserves since 2014 due to the worst slump in crude oil prices.

Leading lenders HSBC, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi and JP Morgan, pledged about $1.3bn each. Minimum bids for the loan were at $500m to qualify as a participant.

This issuance, a first by the kingdom since 25 years, could prompt further issuances by other neighboring nations such as Abu Dhabi which has mandated banks ahead of its third international bond issuance.

Source: FT




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