Angola LNG restart and sales tender delayed

According to sources, Angola’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) export plant was experiencing fresh delays in raising production and shipping cargo. Shareholders of the plant include Chevron (36.4%), Angolan state-owned oil firm Sonangol (22.8%) whilst other stakeholders include Total, BP and ENI.

According to Chervron’s spokesman, the plant, which had been shut since April 2014 due to construction errors and difficulties faced whilst handling feed gas supplies, had re-started operations in January 2016.

Further, it was expected that first cargo would be loaded on 15 May 2016, followed by a supply tender in June. Given the current situation, both outcomes have been postponed temporarily. Sources expected production to commence by the end of May 2016 and first cargo to be shipped in June.

The Sonangol Sambizanga LNG tanker, was currently moored at one Angola LNG jetty, and was only conducting tests, not loading supply. After producing a limited number of cargoes, Angola LNG will then be shut down again for additional testing.

Previously, traders had initially expected the plant to produce and export production output by April 2016.

Source: Reuters

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